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“Ever tried, ever failed. No Matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail Better.”

Samuel Beckett

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UMO Ensemble is one of the most innovative, compelling and critically acclaimed not-for-profit performance companies based in the Pacific Northwest. In the past 24 years, UMO has made over twenty mind-blowingly gorgeous, original pieces of physical theatre.

A love story, between UMO and Beckett. With a teeter totter. And ropes.

UMO explores the thoughts, themes, characters and images inspired by the writing of Samuel Beckett with FAIL BETTER, their critically acclaimed love letter to Samuel Beckett. Five archetypal Beckett characters tackle love, life, death, and going-on in typical Beckett fashion: with humor, metaphor, stillness, and gross indecency - creating a living, visceral experience. 

“UMO Ensemble’s remarkable tribute to [Beckett’s] genius, FAIL BETTER is a mesmerizing production... a visual delight and an intellectual teaser.” - The Seattle Times


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